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DOA name comes from the initials of Dinamica Olio Acciai (Dynamic Oil and Steel). The acronym synthetize the type of our products, DOA is a company specialized in the production of portable hydraulic tools. The engineering team developed a wide range of innovative, compact and versatile products by applying the latest technologies in this field. Our skills are the innovative spirit, the pursuit of quality and the close collaboration with the customers.

The DOA objective is to manufacture tools with superior features that can guarantee the maximum of safety, productivity and improve the working conditions of the operators. Our staff is made up of engineers with a passion of hydraulics and with consolidated experience in the field of engineering of power tools. This tools are used in different markets and environmental conditions and may have many different applications.

Our products are manufactured with the latest design technology, they incorporate the most modern solutions, some of wich are patented, allowing us to anticipate the customers and to overtake expectations. They are powerful, but low-noise, they have a long life, they are compact and so easy to transport.


Power and productivity

The power to weight ratio of hydraulic tools is unbeatable! A comparative test will immediately demonstrate this advantage thatmeans increased productivity and less fatigue for the operators.

Easy to handle

The group power pack/tool is very compact and easy to transport,the fuel consumption of power packs is largely less then the one of aircompressor, the power pack is lighter and can easily be transported by the smallest vehicles, can be positioned on job site occupying minimal space and without troubling operations and traffic,it does not have the typical problems associated with air compressors such as needs of bra-kes, lighting, car plates, hooks, lifting , parking etc.

Safer Work

No other equipment either electric, gasoline, or pneumatic can solvetogether all the problems related to the urban maintenance ofunderground pipes. The modern utilities organisations require powerful, productive, reliable, easy transportable equipment that has to givemaximum guarantee of safety for operators.Difficult to obtain all this from conventional equipment, hydraulics ithe synthesis and the DOA range is the definitive “point by pointsolution. Hydraulics is implicitly free of electric shock hazard, often the operators work inside trenches with feet in the water and mud, this is a dangerous condition prohibited by law if are used electric single phase tools that in case of contact with water can cause fatal accidents, hydraulic tools can work in total immersion in water without problemsof functionality and in total safety.

Safer Work

Absence of open exhaust gives a quietness that is unmatched by other tools type. In winter operations or a at low temperatures hydraulic tools guaranteeabsence of frozen moisture, typical limit of the air tools. Hydraulics alsogive the advantage of not having pressure accumulation, being the oilincompressible it cannot cause explosions of tanks and hoses etc.

Easy Handling

DOA multi power groups for trucks: INTELLIPOWER, TRIDENT, HYDROBOX allow to significantly increase the use of the trucks and vans transforming them from normal transportation vehicles in real working equipment to obtain hydraulic, electric and pneumatic energies from the engine of trucks, the advantages in terms of reduction of weight and volumes transported, the versatility, the economy, the convenience and safety are obvious and concrete.

Long operative life

Hydraulic tools can be powered also by all vehicles with a sufficient hydraulic circuit and are ideal for crews that operates in the utilities maintenance.The tools “longevity” is another great advantage, hydraulic tools have a smallnumber of components that are always bathed and lubricated by the oil, anhydraulic tool has a working life that is at least 20 tines longer then other tools type.

Complete range

DOA has the largest range in its type, no one has the same number of tools and solutions designed for the maintenance of underground pipes and for general urban works, our catalogue is constantlyincreased with new tools anticipatingthe operators necessity guaranteeing safety and productivity. DOA IS ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD!