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Practical centrifugal ventilator/aspirator with 230 V electric motor. Powerful and easy transportable its use is mandatory by law for putting in safety conditions an ambient before and during operations in closed environment that could be dangerous or explosive like tunnels, basements, manholes, silos, large tanks, holds, wells, petrochemical plants, gas stations, mines, laboratories, narrow trenches, sewers ducts, gas distribution networks, ecc. Extremely light can be inclined and used in more positions, can be used with or without the flexible hose, flexible hoses are needed when the air has to be transported IN or FROM a precise point, without hoses can be used as positive ventilator blower to make a powerful and direct “air wall”. The volute and impeller are in robust polyetilene and polypropylene materials invulnerable to water, rust and corrosion, the frame is in indestructible stainless steel