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DOA Hydraulic Tools

These tools derive their energy from compressed oil, with zero tool exhaust. They pack a big punch in a little package. You get an environmentally friendly, long lasting tool with the power for professional size jobs. Our selection of tools include pumps, hydraulic generators and compressors, grinders and disc saws, tools for maintenance underground pipes and power units.

Power Packs

Power, Precision, and Reliability.
The DOA range of hydraulic power units is designed to deliver the highest performance and ensure maximum operational efficiency.
Manufactured with cutting-edge technologies and top-quality materials, they are the ideal partner for all your work needs.

Hydraulic Tools

DOA has the widest range of hydraulic tools on the market and offers solutions for all needs.

The range includes pumps, hydraulic generators and compressors, grinders and disc saws, tools for maintenance of underground pipes and power units.


DOA pumps offer maximum efficiency and reliability in every application. Made with high quality materials and advanced technology, they guarantee excellent performance even in the most difficult conditions.

High Power: Superior performance to tackle any challenge.

Precision: Accurate pressure control for flawless results.

Durability: Robust construction for long life.

Industrial Line

Ideal for installation on trucks, mini excavators, aerial platforms, boats, mobile workshops and all machines equipped with a hydraulic circuit.

Made with high quality products, they significantly increase the versatility of the equipment on which they are mounted, improving productivity and providing low-cost, low-maintenance electricity everywhere.

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves and accessories for regulating pressure and flow values ​​ensure that the tools are supplied with the correct hydraulic values ​​to ensure safety and avoid damage to the equipment.

Subsea Tools

Our range of subsea tools offers maximum efficiency and reliability.
Made with corrosion-resistant materials, they ensure flawless performance in the most extreme conditions.

Exceptional Durability: designed to last and perform even in the most challenging depths.

Precision and Power: high-quality tools for precise and powerful underwater work.

Versatility: ideal for a wide range of applications in underwater maintenance work.


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