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A better way to work in total safety.

Our Products

Our products are manufactured with the latest design technology, they incorporate the most modern solutions

DOA name comes from the initials of Dinamica Olio Acciai (Dynamic Oil and Steel).
The acronym synthetize the type of our products, DOA is a company specialized in the production of portable hydraulic tools.

The engineering team developed a wide range of innovative, compact and versatile products by applying the latest technologies in this field.
Our skills are the innovative spirit, the pursuit of quality and the close collaboration with the customers.

Why choose Hydraulic?

DOA Hydraulic Tools offer solutions for oil, gas, water and sewer applications. Nothing matches the performance of hydraulic tools to cut through rock & concreteor pump a flooded culvert.
These tools derive their energy from compressed oil, with zero tool exhaust. They pack a big punch in a little package. You get an environmentally friendly, long lasting tool with the power for professional size jobs. Our selection of tools include pumps, hydraulic generators and compressors, grinders and disc saws, tools for maintenance underground pipes and power units.

Power & Productivity

The power to weight ratio of hydraulic tools is unbeatable! A comparative test will immediately demonstrate this advantage that means increased productivity and less
fatigue for the operators.

Transportability & Economy

Hydraulic tools are very compact and easy to transport verses air driven products. The power pack is much lighter than an air compressor and uses less fuel to operate giving better economy and impact on the environment. Tools can easily be transported by smaller vehicles and be positioned on job sites occupying minimal space and taking less time to set up

A better way to work in total safety

No other equipment either electric, gasoline, or pneumatic can solve together all the problems related to urban maintenance and utility works. Modern utility organisations require powerful, productive, reliable and easily transportable equipment that must give the maximum guarantee of safety for operators. It is difficult to obtain all this from conventional equipment, hydraulics and the DOA range is the definitive point by point solution. Hydraulic equipment is free from electric shock hazards often associated with operators working inside trenches in water and mud, these are dangerous conditions prohibited by law and if using electric single phase tools it could be fatal. Hydraulic tools are designed can be totally immersed in water without effecting their performance or safety.

No frozen moisture in winter - Quietness

The absence of an open exhaust gives a quietness that is unrivalled by other tool types. In winter conditions and at lower temperatures hydraulic tools guarantee the absence of frozen moisture typical limiting the usage of the air tools. Hydraulics also gives the advantage of not having pressure accumulation due to the oil not being compressible so it cannot cause explosions of tanks and hoses etc.

Multi power groups for trucks

DOA multi power solutions for vehicles: INTELLIPOWER, TRIDENT & HYDROBOX all significantly increase the use of trucks, vans & plant transforming them from normal vehicles into power solutions to drive hydraulic, electric and pneumatic energy from the engine plant of such vehicle. This means better utilisation of resources, less investment in equipment and less costs in transport.

Versatility and long operative life of tools

Hydraulic tools also offer greater durability and a longer life span than other tools often lasting up to 20 times longer, this is due to a smaller number of working components that are always bathed and lubricated by the oil that drives them.

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