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The Rental Kit is a special DOA offering that pairs the KV25, a handy and durable jackhammer, with the MHU9, a portable and compact hydraulic power pack capable of powering the most demanding hydraulic systems. Particularly suitable for demolition and cutting of concrete and asphalt, it has a lightweight and easy-to-control design and allows you to face the most demanding challenges in complete safety with maximum efficiency and precision.

The KV25 hydraulic breaker comes with “T type” anti-vibration handles suspended on springs and ergonomically designed for the comfort of the operator. It is well suited for general demolition works, the breaking of concrete and asphalt cutting. Our KV25 gives the best compromise between high power and maneuverability, it can be powered by a power pack or the hydraulic circuit of a mini excavator, SSL, truck/van, or other machines with a sufficient hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic system assures quietness and productivity, eliminating the typical problems associated with the transport and performance of bulky air compressors and pneumatic breakers.

The MHU9 is our go to power pack for the rental, contractor, utility and USAR sectors offering a light portable solution capable of powering the most demanding hydraulic tools. It features power on demand and a robust Stainless-Steel frame designed for the toughest of environments.