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SP 20
Hydraulic Trash Pump
Mouth 2"

WP 25
Hydraulic Pumps For Clear And Moderatly Muddy Waters
Mouth 3"

SP 35
Hydraulic Trash Pumps
Mouth 3"

SP 45
Hydraulic Trash Pumps
Mouth 4"

SP 55
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Trash Pump
Mouth 5"

SP 65
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Trash Pump
Mouth 6"-

AP 80
High Performance Hydraulic Water Pump
Mouth 8"-

SG4 - SG6
Fluid mixer accessory for pumps
(Models: SP45 - SP55 - SP65)

Water pump for testing pressure holding capacity on water networks

Self-Priming pump with hydraulic motor for evacuation from siphons of gas networks